Re: control+shift+w command must be changed in weater plus

Mary Otten

My current keyboard is one that you described as not usual, i.e. I still have that 2nd windows key on the right, rather than the fn key that you have.


On 12/9/2021 9:05 PM, Brian Vogel wrote:
And this keyboard does, of course, have a FN key.

To the left of the spacebar, starting from leftmost and moving inward:  CTRL, Windows Key, ALT

To the right of the spacebar, starting immediately to the right of the spacebar, and moving rightward:  ALT, Context Menu/Applications Key, FN key, CTRL

There are some keyboards with a left and right Windows key, but it's far more conventional for there to be but one, and on the left side of the spacebar.

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