Re: Basic Speech dictionary Question

Giles Turnbull

Hi Chris,

I have done quite a lot of work with getting screen reader pronunciations to match what I want, because I sometimes use NVDA to read poems I've written to an audience if I haven't memorised them ... sometimes if I'm doing a 45-minute reading or if I'm writing something new in an online workshop and need to tell the group what I've written but haven't had time to memorise it. One thing nobody has mentioned yet is that you can affect the stress by using capital letters ... I don't have Eloquence and assistive sounds fine for me using SAPI5 Zira, but if I wanted to get the synth to stress the second syllable more than the first, I would try this: asSistive, making the first a lowercase (if it were initially capitalised) and capitalising the second s. The capital letters do give an extra weight to the delivery of the letter.


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