Anybody know how to open conversations in the latest Skype?

John Isige

Hey all.

I'm using the Skype app, not the thing from the Windows store. I think it said the version is 8.79 when it installed. The problem is that I can get to the buttons that have chats/conversations. But I can't get them to open. Normally I'd hit enter or space on them, and the conversation would open and there's an edit box to type in which you can get to by hitting 'e'. But with this version, that doesn't happen.

I've tried enter, space, routing with NVDA-numpad slash and double clicking with numpad-slash, nothing seems to work. I know it still works because I had my wife open one up with the mouse yesterday. But I even tried routing with NVDA-numpad slash and left clicking with the mouse button, and still, nothing. I've tried this in both browse and focus modes as well.

If anybody knows what the magic is to get this to work, I'd appreciate the assist.

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