Re: Host for Podcast on NVDA Global Commands Extension Addon Needed.


I would suggest you give:

They have a free option and an affordable paid option/s.

On 12/13/2021 10:06 AM, David Griffith wrote:

Dear List

In the past I have produced Podcasts for the talking Computers Website. This has now died   and the promised replacement  service does not appear to have materialised.

I have started recording a series of 7 Podcast demonstrating  the use of the NVDA Global Commands Extension Addon.

Due to the demise of the Talking Computers service I no longer have a home for PC related Podcasts.

Is anybody willing to host or knows of a suitable host for my Podcasts now?

Below is a link to a draft episode  1 of the series so people can get an idea of what they will be hosting.


David Griffith

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