Re: Windows 10 App Essentials 16.09.2 released

Cearbhall O'Meadhra



I prefer to use Firefox for these downloads. Lately, however, I find that I cannot open a link such as yours below. I copied the link from your message into Internet Explorer and it downloaded and installed fine. Any idea what I should look for in Firefox that is blocking my usual download activity?






From: [] On Behalf Of Joseph Lee
Sent: Friday, September 16, 2016 5:01 PM
Subject: [nvda] Windows 10 App Essentials 16.09.2 released


Hi everyone, mostly for NVDA users,


Windows 10 App Essentials 16.09.2 is now available for download. Please read the release notes posted on the following site:


Among other things, this version fixes a long standing issue where NVDA kept announcing gibberish when you talk to Cortana.


Note that you’ll need NVDA 2016.3 to use this add-on effectively, and this add-on will not install on Windows versions older than Windows 7 service pack 1 in consideration for those who would install this add-on prior to upgrading to Windows 10.


For new friends: Windows 10 App Essentials is an NVDA add-on that enhances support for Windows 10 controls and universal apps. Highlights of the add-on include ability to read text responses from Cortana, announcing progress of Windows Update, reading notifications from Microsoft Edge, reading forecast information in Weather, location beeps in Maps app and more.


As always, feedback is appreciated. Enjoy the new add-on release. Thanks.




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