Re: a script's question

Rui Fontes

Hi Alexandre!

That question is more suited to add-ons or development list...

I think you need to make a function bind to the arrow key where first is executed your code and then you send the keystroke to the system...

Rui Fontes

Às 09:39 de 15/12/2021, Alexandre Alves Toco escreveu:


Wen we press the arrow up key in a text field, nvda will read the new line's content.

So I assume there is an script that is started by this key press.

Now, how do I manage to write a arrow up key script and make nvda to say a text and continue to do exactly what it did before I wrote my script?

I want to use it for some tests.

So my general questions are:

1. how can I know what script is performed when a key press or an event occur if no custon scripts are installed?

2. Is it possible to write a custom scritp and call the original one inside it?

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