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Hi Gene,

One fact though, if someone for some reason decided to use legacy apps, they could always continue to use an old version of NVDA.

On 12/14/2021 11:31 PM, Gene wrote:
I haven’t followed fixes in NVDA for unsupported programs.  But I think these questions need to be considered when deciding what to support:
How many people are using these old programs and why?  NVDA is used all over the world and blind people of all economic circumstances use it.  There may be good reasons some people are using old versions of programs and Windows.  Is fixing problems in how NVDA works with a specific program worth the time in terms of how many people benefit versus the things that are undone as a result?  At some point, even if the needs of people are taken into account, it may become so difficult and time consuming to fix problems or keep NVDA compatible that the effort would be given up even if [enough people would benefit to have justified such fixes in the past.  I suspect that at times, you can’t maintain compatibility with old programs or versions of Windows while making NVDA work well with new versions because of changes in the new programs.  But I don’t think you benefit people in the best way by applying an arbitrary rule.
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better support for Microsoft office, especially the editor and spellcheck, fixes for performance losses.

Better support for Firefox, fixes for large table Firefox lags and other Firefox lags.

abandonment of legacy applications. I feel NVAccess should develop a support policy for applications that have no official support, and stick to it. There is no reason why anyone should be using Windows 7, office 2003/2007/2010 etc, and time shouldn't be spent on fixing bugs in obsolete technologies.

On 12/14/2021 5:34 AM, Rui Fontes wrote:



1 - Better support for Libre Office or Open Office;

2 - Possibility of easily label controls not labelled by develloper;

3 - Better control of what is announced by pressing a key. Take as example Narrator.


Rui Fontes


Às 04:00 de 14/12/2021, Quentin Christensen escreveu:
I've collated the feedback I've gotten so far from Derek, Bhavya and Joseph.  I've included an overview below and a spreadsheet attached with the full responses:
3 Areas:
- Microsoft Office support (content creation but did not elaborate) and responsiveness
- Freezes and crashes (frustratingly again without examples)
- Portable copies - no issues with it, it's one thing he has observed people LOVE about NVDA and suggests if there are suggestions or ways we could improve this, it would be worthwhile.

- Web and Browse mode improvements, especially for modern features such as infinite lists, and why does a tree view hide everything from Browse mode?  Also not tolerant enough of where people have incorrectly marked things up which inadvertently make it impossible for all but very advanced users to navigate.
- Integration with other AT such as speech (input?) and switch access, building on things such as dictation bridge.  (Incorporated praise for features such as sticky keys out of the box which we are the only screen reader to do apparently).
- "Computer Vision" to do things like auto label buttons, auto OCR, present hidden content etc
- since live region abuse is so common, add the ability to block a live region.
- Better support for Google docs, eg quick nav mode.
- Start doing more with the speech refactor we put so much effort into.  For instance to replace some speech with earcons.
- Windows store version - both to prove we are modern and worthy of Windows continued support, and to reassure companies worried about security.

Joseph Lee:
- What we did well in 2021 was communication and keeping up with technology, and with improvements to documentation of issues etc, and our improvements to Office.
- Listening to stakeholders and especially the movement towards the add-on store is another great achievement.

Two key areas for 2022:
- Communication: More documentation through source code
- Research relevance (mostly in terms of people who are researching us or the history of screen readers?)

Anatoliy (Thinking and will get back to me)
Quentin Christensen
Training and Support Manager

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