Re: Issue Installing the Application Dictionary Add-On


On Wed, Dec 15, 2021 at 09:14 AM, Dave Grossoehme wrote:
However, what is going to happen if you have someone that doesn't have the knowledge to make a change like this?
It's happening, now.

My main point is that having random end users make hacks (and, yes, that's what these are, even if they're exactly what the official maintainer would need to do) is no way to keep something functioning over the long term.

Some add-ons will die, because the simple manifest tweak is not going to be all that's needed as time marches on.  That is unless someone picks up the ones that have been walked away from by their original developers.  And for that to happen there needs to be enough community demand for someone to want to dedicate their time and effort.

Not every piece of software, and that includes NVDA Add-Ons, has a perpetual service life.  There are quite a few add-ons in use that were (and this is no insult) throw-together items made by some very creative user who needed something that didn't exist who decided to share it with the world.  But those users are often no longer with us for any one of a multitude of reasons.

I'm sure that there are certain add-ons that have a very tiny user base compared to the NVDA user base as a whole.  And if their developers cease to maintain them, they are, effectively, the walking dead of software.  Eventually, they will break in a way that will not be fixed.

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