Sluggishness with LibraOffice Calc

Richard B. McDonald



I am using Windows 10, LibraOffice 7.2.4 and NVDA 2021.3.  with Calc, there is a great amount of sluggishness, as outlined below:


- With a spreadsheet open, each time I enter a number into a cell, there is like a 15 second delay before NVDA responds with the number entered.


- When using the enter or arrow keys after entering a number into a cell to move to a new cell, it takes like 15 seconds before NVDA responds.


- Generally, after performing any of the two above actions, the full file path and file name is spoken.


I do not have any special settings in either NVDA or LO.  When using JAWS and Excel, I experience none of this sluggishness.  So, what is causing this?




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