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Mani Iyer

I will try to make this short. In my humble opinion, unlike the control characters, the carriage return(\r) is generated  by the enter/return  key. It is a whitespace character like the tab or blank which are correctly spoken by NVDA.


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If its going to say anything, I would think enter is what should be said.  Return is only the effect of pressing enter in certain contexts.  And what about people who want to hear it not just in word or text writing applications?  I think the solution is to have a definable speak commands key function.  Now, the user can’t define what is or isn’t spoken.;  Every key, the arrow keys, enter, tab, nvda key when used with another modifier such as control, backspace every time you press it before the letter being removed is announced, control when used with other keys, and I would imagine others ai haven’t thought of, are spoken.  Its maddening unless you require to hear all this for some reason.  It makes the feature useless for most people.
If adding this definability is easy and requires little work, the following doesn’t matter.  If it would be enough work to amount to something, it might be a good idea to take a poll of users to see if the demand justifies the work when compared with the need for other work to be done. 
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Speak the carriage return character at all times when entering or reading text.   You can say ‘carriage return’ or ’new line’.


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