Answers to frequently asked questions in regards to list migration #adminnotice


Hello everyone:
AFTER receiving some questions from Twitter and via email, I've decided to compile a FAQ to clarify a few things regarding today's historic event:

Q. Is migration from Freelists to Groups.IO permanent?

Q. Which lists were migrated?
The international users list.

Q. Does this migration affect add-ons and other lists hosted on Freelists?
No. They'll stay where they are for now.

Q. Will we have a wiki?
Not at this time, as there is already a community wiki.

Q. Will we have subgroups?
Not yet.

Q. Is the development list coming to Groups.IO?
No unless NV Access says it will.

Q. How about add-ons list?
This cannot be done due to some infrastructure in place to support add-on discussion.

Q. How about lists run by language communities?
It's really up to members of that language community to decide.

Q. I tried to subscribe via email to no avail. What should I do?
Send an email to Once we receive your request, the admins will add you directly (until March 15).

Q. Why do some messages on this list have hashtags?
These are there for archival purposes.

Q. I have questions not covered by above ones.
Please send an email to and we'd be happy to assist you.


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