Re: a very critical problem in using nvda 2016.3 with firefox. i need its developers help.


thanks so much for your quick answer!
may i ask since which version this problem occured exactly?
i am shure that i did not have this problem in nvda 2016.1 and before.
how is it in 2016.2?
for me this problem happens always and in all websites!
nvda completely unusable for me in this version, because i am
comfortable with firefox and i only use it!
i forgot to mentioned, that i dont have this problem in internet explorer.
i have internet explorer 8 on windows xp, but i am not comfortable
with and dont use explorer!
nvda has the most compatibility with firefox and i used it very great!
how can i beleive this real critical issue?
could you fix it with the pach update like nvda 2016.3.1 and also
could you please test it with 2016.2.1 or 16.2?
thanks again for your help.

On 10/1/16, enes sarıbaş <> wrote:

Can confirm this. For some reason, nvda merges all elements in a webpage
and reads them like a document. Clicking links is impossible in the
merged parts of the page. This does not always happen however.

On 10/1/2016 7:22 AM, nasrin khaksar wrote:
hello every one.
i tested nvda 2016.3 and i faced a very important regression.
i completely removed nvda previous versions, deleted its profile and
installed nvda 2016.3.
i set my prefered settings and started to work with it.
when i wanted to use firefox, i observed that nvda is not accessible
with firefox with the fresh install!
the arrow keys does not work, singl letter for navigation does not
work and also even nvda does not read the content of a webpage!
i tested this problem in all websites which i visit, and the result is the
i tested with firefox 22, 39 and 41.
whats the reason for this regression?
i am not shure about nvda 2016.2 and 16.2.1, but i am shure about this
version, because i tested this two times!
and when i want to open my gmail and type the address, nvda says:

g gm gma gmai gmail gmail. gmail.c
and even i cant navigate with the address which i typed.
i can only let nvda spells it to make shure i enter the address

as i mentioned, for example: if i upgreat my nvda from version 2015.4
to 2016.3 everythings is great.
and this problem happens only for fresh install.
that mean one person wants to install nvda for the first time,
download version 2016.3 and installs it!
i can only press tab and navigate by links.
but when i press enter on it to read, i cant read the content of the
web!i realy need your help. thanks so much and God bless you all.

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