Re: Work laptop locks even though say all is active


The easiest thing is to determine how long the period is before lock:  Settings, Personalization, Lock Screen, Screen timeout settings link.

It is possible to set the lock to Never, but it's clearly shorter than that.  You have 5 minute increments followed by 1 hour up to 5 hours followed by never.  You may get the result you're seeking just by increasing he time before the screen turns off and the computer sleeps (which are analogous and on that same pane).  In your case, the screen being turned off is likely irrelevant, as the screen reader doesn't depend on the display being on.  But the sleep time is.

Otherwise, have them set the screen off and sleep times "long enough" that you're not being constantly interrupted and locked out, but not so long that the security you seek is compromised.

No matter what it is, just activating a single keyboard key, and I'd pause reading for a moment, and start it again, prevents the machine from sleeping if it's done before that time limit for inactivity is reached.

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