Re: Reading of MMC in windows

Tyler Spivey

From reading the section labeled Portable and Temporary Copy Restrictions in the manual, it looks like your only solutions are to install it or run NVDA as admin.

On 12/16/2021 12:05 AM, Thomas N. Chan wrote:
Hi all,
I notice one lack of NVDA portable copy which I am using.
Whether in windows 7 or 10, this problem still occur.
If you would type in devmgmt.msc in run box and bring up device manager.
NVDA is not reading any of the stuff
Even in MMC and create your own MMC snap-in.
Type in mmc in run box
Then you hit add snap-in ctrl – m
NVDA is not reading anything.
So you can imagine in windows server, all these is not reading, hard to manage those server pool without all these features working.
Do I need to change any settings?
Thomas N. Chan

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