Re: NVDA Features feedback

Steve Nutt

Hi Brian,


I agree, there is currently no way to search settings in NVDA, and this for me would be a must have. JAWS does this and does it well.


All the best




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From: <> On Behalf Of Brian Vogel
Sent: 15 December 2021 16:53
Subject: Re: [nvda] NVDA Features feedback


NVDA does have verbosity levels, does it not?

I could have sworn that it did, and that they are somewhat analogous to the ones JAWS has.

You can selectively suppress a lot of what JAWS says, though that suppression happens with pre-defined clusters of announcements, you don't get to select at the object-type level.

I'm not questioning anyone's desires here, but also remember that the finer you make the granularity of announcement control the more complex you make the settings interface.  The one JAWS has would be an absolute nightmare were it not for the settings search feature.

By the way, that's something I definitely think that NVDA could use.  It would be so handy to have a search mechanism to let you zero in on a setting when you have no idea where in the hierarchy it may be tucked.

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