Re: Sluggishness with LibraOffice Calc

Richard B. McDonald

Hi Chris!


For the “Speak typed characters” option, exactly *there* can I engage that?  Is it in NVDA or LO?





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Sent: Wednesday, December 15, 2021 1:08 PM
Subject: Re: [nvda] Sluggishness with LibraOffice Calc



NVDA and LO.Calc is not a match made in heaven but I can generally cope with it.  The fact that the full file path and file name is spoken when moving between cells is an annoyance that can be silenced with the control key.  I don’t seem to get the sluggishness you are encountering, I tend to have “Speak typed characters” on so the numbers are read out as I type, then I press the right arrow to exit the cell, then if necessary, press left arrow to move focus back to the cell just input to check the value.  Sounds a bit clunky I know but the left/right arrows do react quickly for me.





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From: Richard B. McDonald
Sent: 15 December 2021 16:49
Subject: [nvda] Sluggishness with LibraOffice Calc




I am using Windows 10, LibraOffice 7.2.4 and NVDA 2021.3.  with Calc, there is a great amount of sluggishness, as outlined below:


- With a spreadsheet open, each time I enter a number into a cell, there is like a 15 second delay before NVDA responds with the number entered.


- When using the enter or arrow keys after entering a number into a cell to move to a new cell, it takes like 15 seconds before NVDA responds.


- Generally, after performing any of the two above actions, the full file path and file name is spoken.


I do not have any special settings in either NVDA or LO.  When using JAWS and Excel, I experience none of this sluggishness.  So, what is causing this?





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