Re: If you ever want a message deleted from the archive after you've posted, and replies to same blocked #adminnotice

Louise Pfau

Hi Brian.  I'm referencing points raised in several messages in this thread, so I'm not quoting a specific message.  I'm not a group owner, but I've seen the "More" submenus you've described.  When I reply to messages using the web interface, I don't quote a post using the "quote post" button on the toolbar unless I actually want to quote something for context.  There is a collapsed button at the bottom of each message in the web interface that says "Show quoted text", but I don't expand it either.  When I used my E-mail client to post and reply to messages, I tried to remember to select and delete the previous information from the thread unless I was quoting, but I don't know of a way to do that using the web interface because the only text that appears in the message body edit field when composing a reply is the text that I myself have typed.



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