Re: NVDA Features feedback

Martin J. Dürst <duerst@...>

There are also many seeing people who only use 10 or less percent of a program's functionality. I tend to be in this group. Some people feel more at ease with a small number of commands that they can repeat and combine, others feel more at ease with a large number of commands.

Often, learning a few more commands may improve speed, but it can add to cognitive load. Put maybe a bit too directly, people may want to concentrate on the content of a Web page, not on how to read it most efficiently. But everybody is different, and having many functions available is gives people a chance to find the combination that works best for them.

Regards, Martin.

On 2021-12-17 18:06, Steve Nutt via wrote:

Yes, my own statistic, not backed up by anything scientific, is that blind people only know about 10 percent of their screen reader functions.
The amount of people that only use arrows and tab to traverse the web, amazes me. They get there, but it is o so slow.
All the best
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