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You learned shortcut commands to use your e-mail program.  Do you complain about that?  This is a case where a site is serving as an e-mail platform and, of course, it is to one’s great advantage to learn certain shortcuts.  And the shortcuts may have been intentionally designed to be similar, where possible and practical, to those typically used in e-mail programs.  Perhaps alt r is reply.  That’s very similar to control r. 
While I don’t often use e-mail in web interfaces, it is a logical assumption that you would learn the small number of shortcuts such as compose, reply, and a small number of others that you would use regularly.  And if you don’t want to learn a shortcut you don’t use often, you can get to what you want in other ways.  For example, there may be a shortcut to go to the trash folder.  What if I don’t know it?  I can use the screen-reader’s search to search for trash.  But if I use the trash folder often, it would be to my advantage to learn the shortcut. 

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Life is too short to learn every website's preferred way to use their product. If GMail cannot use HTML as intended, I'll pointedly use something else. My limited brain capacity is reserved for stuff where remembering 20 unique key combinations, there effects, and side effects actually matter.

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