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No add-on is needed.  If you are using the desktop layout, the command to move from object review to screen review is numpad insert numpad 7.  To return to object navigation, which you should do when you are finished in screen review, the command is numpad insert numpad 1.  Others will provide the laptop command.
But in NVDA, when you use either object navigation or screen review, it isn’t the same as the JAWS cursor.  There are certain keys used and you don’t use ordinary movement commands.  If you use such commands such as the arrow keys or control home and end, for example, you will still be moving the application cursor. 

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Sent: Friday, December 17, 2021 8:53 AM
Subject: [nvda] Question about an add-on
Hi everybody!

This is my very first letter, I am still new to the list, so I greet
everyone very much. I use the two screen readers alternately for now,
but I would like to use NVDA more intensively and efficiently. I have a
question about an add-on: is there an add-on that works with keyboard
shortcuts like switching the jaws and pc cursors, so can I use the
numpad plus and minus keys to switch between cursors? Thank you very
much in advance for your reply and help!

With Best Regards,

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