locked Re: GMail Basic Setting With NVDA

Nimer Jaber

If GMail cannot use HTML as intended, I'll pointedly use something else.
Web apps are relatively new, and provide screen reader users enhancements above and beyond what basic HTML offers. Web apps allow you to get a much less cluttered experience, which in many cases, is more efficient. Consider, for instance, facebook.com as an example. While it is true that you can arrow throughout the entire site, and you can navigate by HTML elements, you will immediately find that you get overwhelmed if you do so, because of all the stuff on the page. However, if you use its built-in keyboard shortcuts in web app mode, you will discover that you can easily jump between posts, comment on one with a single letter command, post a status with a single letter command, etc. This goes for Twitter, YouTube and YouTube Music, Gmail, Office 365, and a growing number of other sites. Simply making the statement that you're happy using the web in HTML mode will make you less productive, less efficient, and will make you want to rip your hairs out with a very many number of sites.

Please, I urge you, consider getting training on the use of web apps. If your trainer doesn't know about, care about, or bother to teach them, give them a bad review and request another. If you learn best without a trainer, then please consider looking up information on how to access your web app of choice with its built-in keyboard commands.

I do think that screen reader vendors need to also build in specific tutorials and guides in their manuals specific to web apps, as they have done for Word, Excel, and some other apps, and as they have done with the web in general. Freedom Scientific is ahead on this, as they've put together some tutorials on some common web apps like Gmail.

Nonetheless, I cannot emphasize any more than I already am, the vital importance that learning and getting comfortable with web apps will impact your screen reader usage on a growing number of sites.

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