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Object navigation, I think, is hard to learn by seeing a description.  I think that some basic things need to be described, such as an object being inside of another object, but in terms of really understanding it and learning it from teaching, I think a tutorial approach should be taken where you are told to be in a certain place and instructed to take certain actions so you can see what happens.
Screen review, on the other hand is about the same as using the JAWS cursor but you use different commands. 
As far as the layout of a screen or program, screen review may give you a feel for that but I’m not sure how much object navigation corresponds to what you see on screen.  I suspect some of it does, or more or less, and some of it doesn’t.

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No  you cannot. I would consult the quick start and read about object navigation. It is actually a very easy concept to understand if you take the time to learn it. It can mostly give you the layout of a screen and program etc.

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Hi everybody!

This is my very first letter, I am still new to the list, so I greet everyone very much. I use the two screen readers alternately for now, but I would like to use NVDA more intensively and efficiently. I have a question about an add-on: is there an add-on that works with keyboard shortcuts like switching the jaws and pc cursors, so can I use the numpad plus and minus keys to switch between cursors? Thank you very much in advance for your reply and help!

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