Re: NVDA with windows 7

Rui Fontes

Are you sure that 2019.3 works in that Windows 7?

Or it is 2017.3?

Rui Fontes

Às 13:50 de 18/12/2021, Eduardo Fermiano Luccas escreveu:

Hi friends, at my school, there was a computer with windows 7, and my teacher tried to install NVDA on it, but it didn't work, and she had to run NVDA 2019.2.1. someone else's computer, and I checked the NVDA version, and it was a recent one from 2021, can you explain that? When I ran the compatibility solution with a test portable NVDA, and set it to windows 7, it didn't run, what leads me to think that NVDA does not run with windows 7. But as I said above, there was a computer that ran NVDA, so this is a very strange question.

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