locked Re: GMail Basic Setting With NVDA


I consider myself a pretty proficient computer user. I mean, you
know--I host websites, I fix malware, I build websites, I fix
websites, I use the web routinely--basically I use the computer to
make my living--& I find standard GMail view obnoxious. It's so
frickin cluttered w/garbage I have no desire to deal with. The problem
is, though, that there are now some settings that are available only
in standard view, such as the filter to never send an email to spam.
Makes me wanna pull my greying hair out by the roots!

On 12/18/21, Louise Pfau <louise.pfau@...> wrote:
On Fri, Dec 17, 2021 at 02:40 PM, Brian Vogel wrote:

To be honest, I don't.  And I say this because of two things.  First,
Google telegraphed its intentions when the Switch to Basic link at the
bottom of the standard window was pulled and I think (I'm not logging out
now to check it) the same disappeared as part of the login options for

Also, it was really never, ever popular except among screen reader users,
and for very good reasons for a number of years.  When I first got into
"the screen reader tutoring biz" around 2010 I routinely recommended
anyone who wanted to use Gmail webmail use basic view and anyone who
wanted to use a smartphone should go iPhone.  The reasons for both of
those recommendations no longer exist, and, thus, I no longer make them.
I started using Gmail in 2015, and the instructor who taught me gave me the
same recommendation you did, and probably for the same reasons.  I don't
know if they would make the same recommendation now, but I've been using
basic html view ever since I received instruction.  When I just logged into
Gmail to see what was up with the basic html situation, I noticed that the
"switch to basic html" button no longer appears at the top of the page after
switching to standard view with the appropriate link.  I still have the
website marked in my favourites that defaults to basic html, so I was able
to get back to my desired setting.  I don't know if there's still a place in
"settings" to switch between them or not like there was when I first started


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