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Sam Bushman

I would be interested if someone could provide me a list of commands for the standard interface – and nake a quick use run through.

Is there such an audio training or docs on that?



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I can assure you that most email tasks can be accomplished with the same or less time using the standard interface, than what can be done with any email client. Yes, this will take some learning, especially if you aren't used to using web apps, but more and more web apps are being designed to provide better accessibility to dynamic content, so if you aren't familiar with their use, I suggest starting to learn. As an example, in the standard interface of Gmail, you can easily use arrow keys to traverse through your message list, and you can use simple letter commands to accomplish tasks such as reply, forward, archive, etc.


If you choose to use the Gmail standard interface as you would any other website, and you tab through the entire site, you will, indeed, discover that it is cluttered, and you will hate it very much. If, instead, you use it the way it is intended to be used, with provided web app commands, you will not notice the clutter, as your efficiency will dramatically improve.


Nonetheless, this topic has drifted away from NVDA. If you want to use Gmail, use it. If you like the standard interface, great. If you don't, provide feedback to improve it, spend more time learning it, or continue to use what you're comfortable with. I am not going to change your mind if you've chosen to use whatever technology you've used for years, that is working for you. If that technology remains available, if you are comfortable with it, if you are comfortable with its limitations, possible lack of support by screen readers and other accessibility tools,  and possible security repercussions, then continue to use whatever you like, even Outlook Express, if that suits you.


Now, let's get back to discussing NVDA, please.


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Why don’t you use an e-mail program?  I haven’t used the webmail interface Google offers enough to say this as a definite opinion but I will say that I’ve not found a webmail interface that was as fast and convenient as working with an e-mail program as a blind person.


I haven’t used either Google interface much, but it appears to me that if you want to, you can use the standard interface similarly to how you use the Simple HTML interface.  I’m not saying you should or shouldn’t.  My impression is that those who learn to use the standard interface well think it is much better than the simple interface.  But I’m saying that if you want to use the standard interface in the same approximate way as you work with the simple interface, it looks to me as though that may well be able to be done.  I can move from message to message in the standard interface by using the move to the next check box command.  I don’t know this, but I suspect that is how you move currently in the simple view.  I use GMail to look at my spam and mark messages as not spam.  That’s how I move from message to message.  I’ve played with that command in both views out of curiosity and it appears to be roughly equivalent in ease of use.



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Hello NVDA,
I chose this post title because I use NVDA instead of Narrator to do
just about everything on the computer. I know that offended one
respondent early on, but notice the topic has evolved.
To access basic setting, I go into Gmail, hit control-home and hear
NVDA say, Basic.
I press enter, and voila, 95% of the time it works. When it does not
work, I repeat the entire process.
There does not appear to be something in settings any longer to
exercise the choice between Standard and Basic; Brian is right about
that issue.

I agree with Jackie, Standard feels like a cluttered mess and knowing
where to begin is anyone's guess.

Basic is 'a hell' of a lot easier.

I did see something in Google results discussing the Gmail change from
the New York Times dated either 2018 or 2019. I did not read the

I have an outlook.com email, and if the day comes when it is needful
to say good-bye to Gmail, I will hop onto Outlook, and notify all
needing to know of my change.

Yes, I do have much to learn, and doubt I will know it all before my
time on the planet ends. I think most of us do what we can to keep up
with technology, but like any other subject requiring skill set, some
have it more than others per the named subject.

Thank you for allowing this topic to be discussed even if it belongs
in the Chat Group. Since I use NVDA, in my not so humble opinion, the
topic belongs in either group.

David C. Russell, Author




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