Re: about addon development guide

Martin J. Dürst <duerst@...>

Hello Joseph,

On 2021-12-20 02:31, Joseph Lee via wrote:
Are you talking about add-on development guide found on GitHub? If so, I need to know exactly what the guide says so the author (I) can edit it.
[Warning: Lots of links ahead.]

This is just a guess, but it could be that the original poster referred to the section "Introduction to app modules"
( Add-on Development Guide#user-content-introduction-to-app-modules)
in your guide.

The first example in that section is indeed "Example 2: Simple app module in Notepad"
( Add-on Development Guide#user-content-example-2-simple-app-module-in-notepad).

There is an "Example 1" a bit earlier, namely "Example 1: Writing computer braille using QWERTY keyboard"
( Add-on Development Guide#user-content-example-1-writing-computer-braille-using-qwerty-keyboard).

But this example is in the proceeding section, on global plugins
( Add-on Development Guide#user-content-introduction-to-global-plugins).

Hope this helps, Martin.


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