Re: NVDA stops speaking text when editing and using the arrow keys


Have you tried in a stable version of FF? Nightly's are unstable by
their very nature. Try in a stable version, report to FF devs as a bug
in whichever versions apply.

On 12/20/21, Russell James <4rjames@...> wrote:

I remember some time ago when this happened to me while editing messages on

Since upgrading to NVDA 2021.3 I have been noticing it happening while
editing messages with GMail.

While I don't have steps to reproduce this yet, I can report that it is
happening to me multiple times a day.

While composing a message in GMail
Using the default GMail UX
Using Firefox Nightly (updating as available)
On a Windows 10 desktop (with all available updates)

Sometimes the text being edited will stop speaking when the arrow keys are
used to navigate the edited text
If I recall correctly the backspace also stops speaking

When this happens the mouse over will still speak the text

If I use the mouse and click somewhere outside that compose / edit box and
then click in the edit box again the problem goes away
It seems sort of like a edit/keyboard focus type problem...

Curious to know if any other users are having this experience

I have shared my work around and would be interested in any others

Especially interested in any recommendations to avoid this problem.

Thank you


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