Re: How to copy NVDA user settings before logging into windows without the need for add-ons that are installed in NVDA?


On Wed, Dec 22, 2021 at 11:00 AM, Greg Williams wrote:
"Warning Add-ons were detected in your user settings directory. Copying these to the system profile could be a security risk. Do you still wish to copy your settings?"
"Could be" is a vague, CYA, catch-all term, commonly used.

While it would be nice to have add-ons separated out, and I would believe that could be done and am not arguing against it, I would answer this prompt in the affirmative without definitive reason to do otherwise.

Accurate risk assessment requires separating out risks that are reasonably probable from an action versus remotely possible.  Given what we know of NVDA and its add-ons, both over time and on who knows how many machines, any security risk is in the remotely possible and not worth worrying about at this time.

This is a situation where, in my opinion, a mountain is being made out of less than a molehill and that needs to be stated directly.  And it comes from a lack of accurate risk assessment.

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