NVDA Remote 2.4 Faulty with 2021.3.1 and Below.


Hi all,

a friend of mine and I are using NVDA to remote a PC that is streaming audio over TeamTalk. The machine in question is a Dell XPS13 on Windows 10 21H1, and, due to the add-on incompatibility with NVDA 2021.X, still using NVDA 2020.4.

Whenever I try updating the add-on to version 2.4, I am basically locked out of the laptop in question, since there is a PIN or security dialogue in place.
With v 2.3 of the add-on, I can always enter the PIN with no problem whatsoever.

As soon as we update the add-on to make way for a new NVDA installation, I can only access the machine so long as there is no UAC-related dialogue or the laptop does not go into screen lock mode.

Has anyone seen this and is there a fix?

I've contacted the developers on their e-mail address, but no answer whatsoever. I've also tried searching the Github page, but nobody seems to have that issue.

We've tried uninstalling both NVDA, the add-on, also cleared the "use current settings for logon" and copied that over again, none of which did anythingto resolve the issue. We've also used other laptops to tap into the system, but every laptop produced the same result.

Any idea is welcome, or if anyone knows of current ways to reach the developers, please post.

I know that the UAC comes up and wants a PIN cause I can hear it on TeamTalk, but that part does not handshake with my system for some reason and I cannot
enter anything, as if there were no connection.


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