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Mani Iyer

That makes a lot of sense.  No need of my circuitous object navigation route. :) Arrow to what you want and get out of it.

Thank you so much for your patient explanation.

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I read your message again.  Forget my previous one.  I didn’t understand what you were reporting and why you were using object navigation.  There is no need to use object navigation.  When working with radio buttons, every one you arrow to, unless you are in browse mode, which you are not is selected and checked.  Only one radio button is checked at any time.  Arrow to the one you want, using the regular arrow keys.  If there is an ok button, activate it.  You hear that every radio button is checked because as you move to a radio button, you are checking that one and no other one is checked.  The radio button that was checked before automatically becomes unchecked when you move to another one.  Its like a button to jump to a radio station in a car radio.  You press one button and it moves you to the station you want.  That’s why radio buttons are called radio buttons.  They are named after car radio station buttons.  Any button you select is the active one.  No other one is.
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Hello all,
In the settings for the Weather add-on I wanted to set the temperature scale to Fahrenheit. Tabbing through I found the ‘Scale of temperature grouping’. Arrowing through the radio options told me all the three options were checked (Fahrenheit, Celsius, Kelvin). But when I pressed NVDA + NumPad*1 for object review, I went through the options with NVDA + NumPad * 5 it read Celsius as checked and the others not checked. And I set it to Fahrenheit using NVDA + NumPad * Enter.
Did I navigate a radio button  grouping or any grouping the correct way or is there another  way to navigate and set the desired option?


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