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Sarah k Alawami

So, if you arrow you will hear such and such is checked. A radio button can only have 1 option checked at any given time. My windows xp for dummies book described it as a dot bouncing between options so where ever the dot is means it is checked, and nothing else is.

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Hello all,
In the settings for the Weather add-on I wanted to set the temperature scale to Fahrenheit. Tabbing through I found the ‘Scale of temperature grouping’. Arrowing through the radio options told me all the three options were checked (Fahrenheit, Celsius, Kelvin). But when I pressed NVDA + NumPad*1 for object review, I went through the options with NVDA + NumPad * 5 it read Celsius as checked and the others not checked. And I set it to Fahrenheit using NVDA + NumPad * Enter.
Did I navigate a radio button grouping or any grouping the correct way or is there another way to navigate and set the desired option?


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