Re: is the next paragraph read cancel?

David Griffith

What are you using to read the document in?


The behaviour of  control up and down arrow will vary depending on which program you are using.

So if I am trying to read text from a book in say Notepad  then control down or up arrow will not work for navigation or reading.


If however  I copy and paste the exact same text into say Word, Jarte or even WordPad then using control up and down arrow for reading by paragraph suddenly becomes available.

This reading method also works on web pages.

At least that is what happens here on my Windows 10 setup.


So if you need to read by paragraph you could simply copy and paste the relevant text from Notepad or whatever the program is that is not supporting  this navigation into Word  or WordPad to regain this behaviour.


David Griffith



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From: 特種兵
Sent: 23 December 2021 09:34
Subject: [nvda] is the next paragraph read cancel?


hi all:


  in NVDA Basic Training Material, I found about use control + down or

up can move cursor to next or previous paragraph.

  but pressed is cannot work, it is still move to next or previous line


  I looking for User Guide or quick command reference has no that command.

  is the command cancel on new NVDA version when not install addon?












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