Re: facebook mesanger addon for nvda


Hello everyone and Merry Christmas.
if I do not make a mistake in the last two weeks the messenger application from the Microsoft store has made some upgrades.
However before the upgrade from the messenger application I had downloaded it in Windows 10 from the Microsoft store.
I had absolutely no problem it worked very well with the nvda.
since then I can not read messages I can not send audio messages I can not listen to messages.
It only allows me to make calls Why do I not know this thing ?.
I tried the nvda and space button but it does not work as a virtual home.

Στις 29/11/2021 1:09 π.μ., ο/η Sarah k Alawami έγραψε:

No, use it in focus mode  except when it comes to reading messages; so  navigate in focus mode, it works out pretty well actually when getting around the main parts of the interface..


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Subject: [nvda] facebook mesanger addon for nvda


Hi Listers

Is there any add-on for nvda to use facebook messenger desktop version?


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