Re: is the next paragraph read cancel?



  I using WordPad has no effect.
  maybe I set a something to broken it?
  what is setting about it?

Gene 於 2021/12/23 下午 09:03 寫道:

The move by paragraph function in NVDA stops at hard returns.  It also stops at word processor code indicating a paragraph. 
If you type perhaps three or four long sentences without pressing enter, then press enter and type four or five more long sentences, see if the command works to move you from one paragraph to  the next.  Since the two hard returns you used to indicate the start of a new paragraph will be the only hard returns in the document, you should move by paragraph.
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hi Yeti:

   I type two paragraph between has a blank line.
   the text in WordPad is:

Clack, clickety-clack!
Powerful locomotive,
roars through green forest.

Tall craggy mountains,
Brilliant white snow, crisp and new.
Skiing holiday!

Yeti 於 2021/12/23 下午 05:53 寫道:
> Hello Unknown,
>> move to next or previous line only.
> Maybee there are hard line feeds, so that each line looks like a paragraph.
> Which file type and which viewer do You use?
> Ad Astra
> Yeti

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