Re: I want to volunteer to update Dictation Bridge


My friend Pranav Lal had a lot to do w/the development of Dictation
Bridge, Justin. I'll send him your info if that's ok.

On 12/23/21, Brian Vogel <britechguy@...> wrote:
Not that this is not appreciated, because it is, but when it comes to
stepping into "developer's shoes" for NVDA Add-Ons, there is a group
dedicated to just that:

NVDA Add-On Developers Group, AKA NVDA Add-Ons Central

This group is focused on the development of NVDA Add-Ons.  It is not an
end-user support group.

* Post: ( )
* Subscribe: ( )
* Unsubscribe: ( )
* Group Owner: ( )
* Help:

I'd advise you to join there and post.

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