Re: Where to get the latest version of the NVDA Advanced OCR (NAO) Add-On

David Moore

Thank you all for this incredible add-on I read a PDF image with this add-on! I am so grateful to the NVDA community! This is a great Christmas present! I use NVDA as my only screen screen reader! Thank you so much!

On Fri, Dec 24, 2021, 1:16 PM Simone Dal Maso <simone.dalmaso@...> wrote:
Hello all and many Christmas!
We are proud to tell you that a new version of Nao is available.
This is the last version for 2021.
We have added new features and solved some bugs, here is the list:
• OCR of pdf and images are presented in a new text window, with some
hotkeys for simple operations; in this manner we automatically solved
the incompatibility with third party addons; shortcuts are:
◦ PgUp / PgDown: move the cursor between real pages of a multipages
◦ P: report page number related to the cursor position, in a multipage
◦ l: report line number related to the cursor position, in a multipage
◦ c: copy all text to the clipboard.
◦ s: Save a copy of the document in text format.
◦ f: find text and read some words before and after the string.
• Support for the Xplorer filemanager.
• Nao shortcuts are customizable from the Input Gestures Dialog of NVDA.
Open NVDA menu, go to preferences, and from that submenu select input
gestures dialog. Remember that this feature is not global, but it works
only where Nao can make an ocr. So gestures will appear only if you are
in the desktop, or in file explorer, Total Commander or Xplorer.
• Nao works only where possible, so if you are in a not supported
window, the hotkey will be ignored by the addon; this solved an
important issue where Excel and Word users couldn't press the
NVDA-Shift-r keystroke, since it was incorrectly intercepted by Nao.
• A long Ocr process can be aborted simply pressing the "Cancel" button
on the progress bar window. this window also gives you information about
the state of the OCR, updating informations every 5 seconds. You can
configure how to receive progress bar information with the standard
NVDA-u command.
• Added Turkish, Russian, Spanish, Chinese and french translations.
• Users can make donations to the project.
• Fixed a bug with some characters on the file name that prevents the
Ocr to work properly.

Download it from:

Please, if you find critical bugs, write an email to:

We hope this addon will improve your productivity.

See you in 2022!

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