Re: NVDA add-ons resources differences?

John Isige

Basically? I think because there's a process to go through to get your
addon added to the NVDA Community Addons site, your first link, and some
people don't want to do that. You had, probably still do, other addon
sites floating around with half-finished addons and illegal addons and
the like.

So I'm guessing somebody wanted to make a site to sort of vet some of
those other addons. There are addons that haven't gone through the
process to get on the community site, but that doesn't mean those addons
are necessarily bad. I also have a feeling that there are addons in
other languages besides English, and again, I don't think there are any
of those on the Community site. So there's another reason to have a site
that might catch some of those things. If they can develop a good
reputation, it's another resource for people to go to, and a way to get
good addons to people even if developers don't feel like going through
the process to get on the Community site.

On 12/26/2021 8:01 PM, Daniel McGee wrote:
Hello everyone.

I am somewhat confused.

regarding the two following resources for NVDA add-ons, why do two
sources exists? As a posed to just one main central resource.

The first which can be accessed by the following keystrokes.

Caps-Lock N, for NVDA Menu, T, tools,A, manage add-ons, alt G, get

Or the following link.

The secondĀ  resource



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