Re: NVDA add-ons resources differences?


Well the first is the official site.
I never heard about the second, it may be an unofficial site certainly
looks like it.
Not sure who even does it but its not the main site.

On 27/12/2021, Gene <gsasner@...> wrote:
The first site, available from manage add-ons and using the link you
provided, is the official NVDA add-ons site. Add-ons that are there have
been checked to make sure they have no malicious code.

The second site has add-ons that are both from the official site and those
that aren’t. Those that aren’t may have malicious code. That isn’t to say
that most of them do. I haven’t seen much of anything on the subject. But
many unofficially offered add-ons are not malicious. Some add-ons are being
evaluated by those working for the official site and may be on the
unofficial site before they have finished being evaluated.

If you aren’t sure, you might want to ask about a specific add-on.

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Hello everyone.

I am somewhat confused.

regarding the two following resources for NVDA add-ons, why do two
sources exists? As a posed to just one main central resource.

The first which can be accessed by the following keystrokes.

Caps-Lock N, for NVDA Menu, T, tools,A, manage add-ons, alt G, get add-ons.

Or the following link.

The second resource



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