WebEx screen share inaccessibility?

Sally Kiebdaj

Hello all,

Is anyone successfully sharing their screen and retaining control of their meeting in WebEx with NVDA? 

I've been corresponding with WebEx Accessibility support and they seem to think it is possible but my experience is that it's not. Can anyone weigh in on whether or not I'm missing something? 

Here is what I'm experiencing:
In any meeting, I am able to successfully control my microphone, video, and attendance using hotkeys. I am also able to start screen sharing including selecting which program is shared. However, this is when things stop working. 

Once a window is shared, all current meeting controls move to a "floating" meeting control bar above the shared window content. I cannot get NVDA to focus on that floating meeting control bar in order to interact with any of the meeting controls such as microphone, video, leaving the meeting, or stopping screen share. 

Accessibility support has suggested using the Ctrl+Shift+Q shortcut for toggling between showing and hiding the meeting control bar while sharing in order to place focus on the meeting control bar. I do get focus on the show/hide warning dialogue . However, in my case focus immediately returns to the shared window content after I press "ok" in the dialogue

Additionally, none of the meeting control hotkeys work, Probably because they are not global and focus is not "on" the WebEx meeting.

My environment is:
Windows 10 Version 2004 (OS Build 19041.1348)
NVDA 2021.3

After sharing the contents of a window, is anyone able to get focus on the meeting control bar or otherwise interact with the current meeting? 

For now, I get stuck with whatever microphone/video state I have and am unable to stop screen sharing or leave/end the meeting.

Any and all experience/comments would be helpful.

Thank you!

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