Re: NVDA add-ons resources differences?

Héctor Javier Benítez Corredera

Hello, the first address is the official one which only contains official plugins that have passed the filter.

The second one is a project driven by the Spanish NVDA community:

Well this page:

It pretends to have the official plugins together with unofficial plugins but that have had a review by people from the Spanish community to check their reliability.

At present between official and unofficial add-ons and discontinued add-ons there are 255.

The discontinued ones remain to be studied at some point by someone who may be interested.

This database intends to try to have the majority of complements located in a single place.

Also in this directory the authors of add-ons can manage the incorporation to the catalog along with their updates.

This database is usually updated daily with the updates that if one had to be looking for the different sites that are distributed could lose a lot of time.

In addition, I developed a Store which allows us to have in an add-on all the add-ons files being able to download them, visit the add-on page and more things like searching, filtering by API, author, downloads, etc.

The Store add-on will also allow us to check for updates every so often, update our official and unofficial add-ons and more options.

If you try it is recommended to read the help, it is in English too and clarify that this Store is not the official NVDA is the one that uses the database of the above mentioned page.

I leave the link in case someone wants to try the Store add-on:

And here its repository in Github:


P.s: Sorry my mother tongue is not English so this text has been translated with DeepL.

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