NVDA Updates While Using RDP

Russell James


Once again I managed to screw up a good thing...

While connected to a remote computer using MS Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) and NVDA
An NVDA update dialog popped up
I proceeded to do the update

When the update got to the point of reporting it could not complete the update because another user was using nVDA
I realized I was using RDP and was now in trouble

At that point you no longer have NVDA installed, the original or the update...

This would probably be a good time to use Narator...

I managed to retreat to my local computer and copy the MVDA installer
I went back to the remote computer and pasted the installer on the desktop
 Then I was able to launch the installer and get NVDA talking again

I don't know why NVDA does this
Many years ago this used to work


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