Re: NVDA with touch screen windows 2 in 1 laptops

hurrikennyandopo ...


The user guide has all the touch gestures you can use with nvda. The user guide is broken up into desktop, lap top and touch gestures and what that command does.

Just in case you are new use the nvda key + letter N to bring up the preferences of nvda, go down to help then user guide.

The following link is not a tutorial but will point you towards a page with touch gestures only.

The link to this page is

When you go there locate the heading called touch gestures and just under it isĀ  a link to a page with all the touch gestures so far for nvda. I did the same for a lap top user as the tutorials on my website are more desk top only as that is what I use.

Gene nz

On 28/12/2021 8:14 am, Blind Gamer wrote:

Hi all
I have Microsoft surface Pro 7
I need help for how to use NVDA with touch screen
If anybody has any tutorials so please post it here

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