Re: NVDA add-ons resources differences?

Mani Iyer

Hello Jose,
Thank you for the detailed explanation of the entire review process.


n Dec 28, 2021, at 4:45 PM, José Manuel Delicado Alcolea via <jm.delicado@...> wrote:

Hi everyone,

Before answering to the question about code review, I should explain what is and why it was created. This is the first time I participate on this list, so I don't know if another member of the group has already done it before.

One of the main goals of the spanish community is to collect all available add-ons around the world in a single directory, excluding illegal and malicious ones. We are aware that we won't achieve completely this goal, but we continue exploring several groups, GitHub profiles and repositories, websites created by other communities, etc. This brings many advantages to our users and developers. Repeated work is avoided, people knows about wonderful add-ons developed outside the community, and our developers have very good code samples that they can use as starting points. I could list even more advantages, but this message would become too long.

Maintaining the directory becomes harder as more add-ons are added. We have to watch the source repositories, websites and so on when available and notify the community of add-on updates. This is the reason we developed our first solution:

Since the directory became machine-readable and exportable in JSON format, Héctor decided to create the "Tienda" add-on, translated as " store". Updates are available as soon as the download links are modified from the web interface, avoiding delays seen in the international community, which relies on other procedures. User accounts can be created for add-on authors, who can update download links for their NVDA add-ons, but can't register or delete add-ons from the database.

The website is built on top of this web application, and aims to share all we have achieved so far beyond the spanish community.

After this short introduction, It's time to talk about reviews. We take code reviews very seriously, specially since review process is optional in the international community. When an add-on author introduces their work in the spanish mailing list, we perform a deep review and provide suggestions. When corrections are applied, we upload it to and publish the add-on documentation translated to spanish on the website.

If the add-on comes from outside, a light validation is performed. Only security issues and license / copyright are checked in this case.

On november 2021, we published a guide on how to review add-ons. We encourage you to take a look. Use the Google Translate combo box located inside the web page or the translator of your choice:


El 28/12/2021 a las 20:16, Rui Fontes escribió:
Yes, the last add-on I submitted was reviewed by

Just after corrections it was published.

Rui Fontes

Às 16:55 de 27/12/2021, Mani Iyer via escreveu:
Just curious to know if a code review is done as part of the evaluation process.


On Dec 27, 2021, at 11:52 AM, Rui Fontes <rui.fontes@...> wrote:

The add-ons are evaluated and they are not posted if they are not secure...

Rui Fontes

Às 16:28 de 27/12/2021, Sarah k Alawami escreveu:
The add ons page, the secone one is for all add ons non official and official and for all versions. I quite like that one better as I can access stuff including betas if the developers put their stuff up there. Be careful though as I don't think those add ons are not vetted.

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Hello everyone.

I am somewhat confused.

regarding the two following resources for NVDA add-ons, why do two sources exists? As a posed to just one main central resource.

The first which can be accessed by the following keystrokes.

Caps-Lock N, for NVDA Menu, T, tools,A, manage add-ons, alt G, get add-ons.

Or the following link.

The second  resource




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