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The Dual Voice add-on to NVDA also works by looking at Unicode characters. It can for example distinguish between English and Japanese.
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On 2021-12-19 23:45, Rui Fontes via wrote:
1 - NVDA, by itself, can do that in marked text.
The marked text can be in HTML, PDF, Word and maybe in a few more...
2 - Vocalizer Expressive, do that and also change the language based in the group of Unicode characters used by the language...
This method do not result for english and german because they use the same unicode group of characters. In those cases Vocalizer uses the NVDA method...

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Às 08:30 de 19/12/2021, hurrikennyandopo ... escreveu:
Hi guys

I have been asked a question about the following.

I know there is a setting called Automatic language switching (when supported) under the voice settings in nvda and another one for Automatic dialect switching (when supported)

just under it.

I am guessing the person needs to have a synth that speaks the other language and another they want to hear it in.

I think I read some where if the language is marked up correctly on the web say German if you have a german synth it should start speaking in that language and if it is then marked up en english the other synth starts up

Does it only have to be done on the web or can it be in a PDF document or can it say be in word?

What would the person have to do to have it change between the 2 languages in NVDA? I said i had no clue so thought I would ask some one who already does it to swap between there language and say english.

Gene nz

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