Add-on 22.01 release part 2: CLock 22.01, end of maintenance from Joseph Lee #addonrelease


Hi all,

Second part of add-on release announcements:

Clock add-on 22.01 is now available. No changes to the user interface and documentation from version 21.11 – today’s release is a localization update:


Note that a dialog about configuration format may show up while installing the add-on. If this happens, select OK, finish installing the add-on, restart NVDA, then reconfigure date and time announcement format from Clock settings panel.

As the subject line indicates, this is the final version of Clock add-on under my maintenance. Earlier in 2021 I asked maintainers of Clock add-on if I can modernize the add-on, and maintainers said yes. Version 22.01 is the culmination of this work – Clock add-on has seen vast improvements, including localization updates, user interface message improvements, among other things. As I hand the add-on to the community, I would like to thank everyone who have provided feedback about this add-on for several months, and a special thank you to add-on maintainers for all their work with this add-on (and with that, Joseph Lee signs out of Clock add-on maintenance).



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