Re: how to get telugu language on my nvda

Kakarla Nageswaraiah

Dear Sajid Sir,
Has your problem been solved? If no, do the following:
1. Select eSpeak as the TTS engine by pressing insert+ctrl+s.
2. Now, press ctrl+insert+v for NVDA settings and press tab a couple
of times and select Telugu voice from the combo box and press enter.
3. You can also use other TTS engines if you had already installed
them. For instance, Hear2Read, Geeta.

On 12/29/21, Naresh kumar P. <nareshyadavp26@...> wrote:

Write to me at
I will help you. I use NVDA to read Telugu.

Thank you,

కాకర్ల నాగేశ్వరయ్య

K. Nageswaraiah

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