Re: Where to get the latest version of the NVDA Advanced OCR (NAO) Add-On


Simone Dal Maso kindly wrote:
Download the NVDA Advanced OCR Add-On from:

Please, if you find critical bugs, write an email to:
I am giving the above a bump due to a topic this morning asking about this.  The link given as an answer does get you the NVDA Advanced OCR Add-On, but not the most recent version.  I'm sure it was current when originally posted, but that doesn't matter, it's not now.

The above link, which was given by the add-on's developer, will always obtain the latest revision of the NVDA Advanced OCR Add-On.  Thus, it is the one that should be used, at the very least it should be used until the Add-On "becomes official" and offered through the NVDA Add-Ons Directory.  It will likely work afterward, too.

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