Where to get the latest version of the NVDA Advanced OCR (NAO) Add-On

Simone Dal Maso


I write a little message because I'd like to clarify some points:

1. On version 2021.2 we prepared a special link that you can use to retrieve always the latest stable version.

So please, we you want to download Nao, use this:


2. We developed a new version just 2 days ago, the 2022.1.  In this version we included the auto update feature.

In this manner when a new stable version will be released, you will be notified and the autoupdate procedure will start, if you want.

As you see, the addon is quite young, and we needed of time for setting up some common operations. We have a domain, the autoupdate is now working, we have a support email...

Thank you for all people that make reviews, donations, translations and report bugs.

Have a nice sunday and a good year!

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