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I’ve tried it with Narrator a few minutes ago, but it is doing the same thing. So yeah, there is a serious problem with thesignature dialog that Microsoft needs to fix ASAP.


From: Brian Vogel
Sent: Monday, January 3, 2022 11:03 AM
Subject: Re: [nvda] Editing Email Signature


I can get you as far as editing the signature text, which at the moment has to be done "in silent mode," but I still can't figure out how to get access to the Save control (NVDA does not say, "Save button," just, "Save," when I hover over it).

If someone has figured out a clever way to access the Save control, please share.  The standard ALT + S does not work in this context.

I would love to know what it is that's special about this particular dialog that makes it not expose certain elements to the screen reader that get exposed pretty much every where else.  It's also a longstanding issue with the Windows 10 Mail App (and I wonder if it will carry over to Windows 11, and suspect it will).

Also just curious if anyone has tried doing a signature edit with Narrator (or JAWS)?  I have not and on certain occasions another screen reader will, for whatever reason, see and announce something the other(s) don't.

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