Re: Is there anyone interested in my project?

Vivien Palcic <vivienpalcic@...>

Hello Heipeng,

I don't know Python or musicxml, but I learned Braille music as a child. I haven't used it for many years now, but I wish you all the best with this project. I'm wondering, would it also allow people to access music scores on the Internet, using NVDA with a Braille display?


On 17/03/2016 7:40 AM, Haipeng Hu wrote:
Hello everyone,
  I'm a Chinese blind musician Hu Haipeng. I'm a composer, and am
planning a new project called BrailleOrch. I am working with Daniel
Barich, who writes Python scripts. My goal is to make a powerful tool
which can handle 95% of the braille music transcription tasks. This
can make libraries for the blind work with music publishers who use
Finale and Sibelius, to enhance the speed and quality of braille music
transcription. Currently, all softwares of this field, both commercial
and open source, are unsatisfactory, so all libraries for the blind
are still using manual transcription method, which can't produce music
scores quickkly. Since I have read lots of braille scores in various
formats, and have composed some works for piano, orchestra etc, I have
an idea to break this situation. Unfortunately, I'm not a programmer,
so I have to ask for help from people all around the world. The
project just began this year, and Barich has created a Github address
shown below. I have written a very extensive framework of the
software, describing all required functions in it. Is anyone
interested in it? You don't need to learn braille music, but just
Python and musicxml knowledge. Barich and I are all braille music
experts. Anyone who are willing to help us can go to and read my "borframework.txt"
for details. Anyone who wants to help us can directly contact Daniel
to join in. Our mailing list is at To send email there, just
subscribe and send mail to brailleorch@....
Thank you all in advance!


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